Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dr. Deborah Nixdorf's Treatment Philosophy

Healthy choices sustain healthy change for you, those you inspire & the environment.

When in health, one is free of physical, mental and spiritual obstacles allowing for balance and harmony to dominate. Dr. Nixdorf synthesizes modern diagnostic techniques with ancient Chinese medical diagnostics to identify and treat the root cause of her patients’ ailments. In her practice, Dr. Nixdorf focuses on the root cause, versus the management of symptoms, to facilitate health and healing. She treats on an individualist basis, taking the time necessary to know her patients. Empowering individuals to reclaim their health and wellness is at the heart of Dr. Nixdorf’s practice. Dr. Nixdorf supports and challenges her patients to tap into their full potential allowing them to live more abundantly. Dr. Nixdorf recognized that daily self-care is the key to accessing wellness and thus provides tools for patients to become actively involved in their healing journey. To further provide the best patient care possible, Dr. Nixdorf supports collaborating with other health care professionals.